About this Website

This website is partly for publishing some of TheirCorp's ideas and source code which don't seem appropriate for posting elsewhere. Many of the ideas presented here are currently just notes originally meant for use by those familiar with the ideas and are possibly not easily understood by others. They will hopefully be improved soon.
There are many more of TheirCorp's ideas still waiting to be posted here and even more from various other websites.

InfoTech Ideas and Information Wiki

This is a wiki for collecting ideas and information related to information technology. It can combine both existing resources and new contributions.


Ideas for Ideal Designs and Improvements on Existing Ones

  • Software
  • Programming Languages
  • Compilers
  • Programming Methods
  • Algorithms
  • Code
  • File Formats
  • Protocols
  • Hardware


  • File Formats
  • Protocols

File formats and protocol descriptions can be improved and illustrated with "real" graphics. These should be supplied in both vector and bitmap image formats.

Problems, Needs, Issues and Solutions

Any existing or anticipated problems and issues involving information technology or that information technology could be potentially applied to.

Subject Categories

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Programming
  • Communication
  • GUI Design
  • File Formats

Ideas for this Wiki

This wiki would ideally be presented in a tree format to better show the relationships between articles.

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